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Keahi grew up around the legendary surf spots of Noosa on Australia’s Gold Coast and splits his time between there and the North Shore of Oahu and, at just 25 year’s old, he’s already got five waveriding world titles under his belt. He missed most of the 2016 tour due to injury but returned for the final event and won it, throwing Airton’s title chase off course, and caused an upset in 2017 as well when he won the final event in Mauritius and snatched third place overall from under Paulino Pereira’s nose.


Cabrinha, NP
Years riding:
Years competing:
Best results:
2012-2015 Kitesurfing World Champion, 2016 GKA Dakhla Pro winner, 2017 GKA Mauritius Pro winner.
Specialist discipline:
Wave riding / strapless freestyle
Favourite spot:
One Eye, Mauritius / Nungas, Indonesia
Favourite trick:
Front roll shuvit
Favourite thing about competing on tour?:
The camaraderie of all the guys on tour. Although there are still some tense moments at events, everyone gets along pretty well and its always fun going to head to head with them!
Standout moment 2017:
Taking the win in Mauritius was definitely the highlight for me. I had a couple of decent results in 2017, but really wanted to finish on a good note so to come away with the win at the last event in pumping waves was really special. The competition this year was harder then ever so it’s really validating to be able to get back to the top!
Favourite competitors to ride against and watch:
I really enjoy competing against the top guys like Airton, Matchu, Mitu and Paulino. I think they are some of the most well rounded guys on tour and the hardest to beat in all conditions whether its strapless freestyle or waves. I feel like they really push me to bring out my best so its always fun having a heat against them (unless its in the early rounds). There are a lot of new guys really starting to push the level though so its always fun watching everyone compete these days.
2018 goals:
I’d love to push hard for a world title in 2018. After injuring myself in 2016, I came into 2017 with a pretty tough seeding meaning I met up with a lot of tough guys early in the draw. Finishing up the year in 3rd last year, I think I’m in a great position to push hard for another title especially with more pure wave events planned this year!
How do you train?:
Although I’m doing a little more gym work then I used too, I usually just try to train by staying active and making sure I’m doing something to keep fit and stay on the water everyday. I do a lot of different water sports and I think this is what helps me keep the passion alive

Drifting Indonesia from Cabrinha Kites on Vimeo.


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