Members of the GKA

Formed as a united, independent body by the vast majority of kitesurfing’s most established brands, the goal of the Global Kitesports Association (GKA) is to represent the interests of the kite-sports industry and to support and promote the interests of all professional kite riders.

The GKA works with the kite-sport industry to provide reliable information about market developments and to provide riders with a platform to achieve the goals of the GKA. The GKA’s main objective, however, is to continually ensure that kitesurfing continues safe practice through the development and implementation of equipment standards.

The GKA advocates that kiting as a sport can be done in all countries in harmony with nature. This includes the feasibility of professional kiting competitions on beaches that are suitable for this purpose. The GKA also works to create positive relationships with all national kiting associations as with the various professional kite sports organizations.