Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of the GKA?

The GKA’s main aims are to represent the interests of kitesport athletes, both recreational and professional, the kitesports industry and to provide information, safety standards and data to professionals, press and the interested public.

In detail, the GKA’s goals are:

  • securing beach access for kitesport activities worldwide. In the past years, local government bodies around the globe have had a close watch on the development of kitesports and have tried to interfere with this development by closing off stretches of beach to kitesports athletes.
  • making the sport safer by implementing best practice guidelines and standards for training, equipment and competitions. A ground-breaking ISO Norm for the standardisation of kitesport products is currently being developed.
  • supporting young riders and more female athletes to enter the sport.
  • supporting kite school and training facility infrastructure development.
  • promotion of professional kitesports
  • representing the interests of kitesports athletes and all matters concerning the world of kitesports towards World Sailing and other international associations.
  • making kitesports, including the production of equipment, transport of products and international competitions more sustainable by setting up concepts for avoiding waste, reduced use of resources and innovative manufacturing methods.
  • representing the interests of the kitesports industry towards governments, legislators, decisionmakers at the IOC, World Sailing and any Olympia related topic
  • collecting and composing of sales statistics (available for members only)

Who can become a member?

Manufacturers and distributors of kitesports equipment and apparel, organisers of kite travel and kite events, regional authorities and other legal entities under public and civil law may become members of the Global Kitesports Association.

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What is the new ISO norm all about?

The new ISO Norm is a standardisation norm for quick releases on kite-bar control systems. It will take effect after being published by ISO, which is estimated to be mid-2019. The norm is going to apply worldwide and will replace AFNOR. The GKA is considering setting up independent test-units with established testing authorities and/or universities in North America, Europe and South Africa.

Where do i find information about the GKA Kite World Tour?

The GKA has launched a brand new GKA Kite World Tour website with all tour related informaton as events, athletes, rankings, photos/videos etc! Click here to go to

If you have any more questions about the GKA Kite World Tour please use our contact form to send an e-mail!