Kite-sports can be practiced on land, water and snow by men, women, children. There are also facilities and instructors who can coach disabled people at every level of the sports, too.

Although modern kiting equipment is very safe to use when you know how, kites can develop enourmous amounts of power and, when handled incorrectly, can be dangerous. Enrolling on a course with a fully qualified instructor who can educate a new kite flier on safety systems and correct practices is vital. In a short period of time anyone can learn to safely fly a kite, have fun and enjoy invigorating outdoor experiences.

Most people gain experience of kite flying by using a small power kite on land first, to confidently learn the necessary steering and handling skills. Ask the shop that sells these products for detailed guidance and advice on which size and design of kite is right for you. They will usually offer introductory lessons, too. Following on from learning the basics of power-kite flying, many people like to use kites to pull them on boards, skis or in buggies with wheels, across various terrain: the sea, lakes, mountains, fields and beaches.

Kite Schools/clubs/assocations

There are a huge number of schools around the world that are accredited by national and international governing bodies to safely and efficiently teach kitesurfing, snowkiting or landkiting.

There are also clubs and associations set up in each country to nurture safe growth and accessibility for the sport. Some countries, like the UK, Spain and Germany have very active and competitive national championships for juniors, amateurs and pros.

Fast growing

Kitesurfing is the fastest growing and most popular of the various kite-sport activities and, as such, offers various pathways for elite level, professional kitesurfers.

The sport of kitesurfing now has established kite freestyle, wave and racing World Championship events and competitions. (Kite racing will make its Olympic debut at Paris 2024.) There are also other more specialised discipline events (such as kicker and slider riding events) that also take place annually.