The founder of ‘New Cal Style’ – Tom Hebert was a big part of the professional freestyle circuit in the mid 2000s and he became Vice World Champion twice during that time. However, Tom’s real passion was always for going big and a more flamboyant style of riding and so when, competitive freestyle moved more towards low-angle wakestyle-influenced tricks, he began to lose the love for it.

He always remained very involved in the sport, filming and travelling with his longtime sponsor North and competing at one-off events like the Red Bull King of the Air but the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour may well mark his official return to world tour competition!


French / New Caledonian
Duotone Kiteboarding
Home spot:
Nouméa, New Caledonia
Years riding:
Years competing:
Specialist discipline:
Old School
Favourite spot:
There's a few spots for Big Air but as we all admit, Cape Town is one of the best places to get some serious air because of the wind conditions and the big kickers.
Favourite trick:
King of deadman! I think it’s a very hard trick to perform because you need to release your bar and turn your body upside down and you are completely inverted.
Favourite thing about competing on tour?:
The format, big air and diversity is the key
Favourite competitors to ride against and watch:
We’ve all got different styles and that’s why it’s gonna be challenging. I don’t really look at who I’m against in a contest. I concentrate more on what I’m going to do and make sure I’m going to land all my tricks. I always say you are not competing against someone else, but against yourself.
2018 goals:
Not sure if I’m going to do the entire tour but, if I do, then my goal is not to finish last hahaha!
How do you train?:
I don’t really train in a specific way. I kite a lot and try to push my side of the sport which is the old school (New Cal) style. I created a lot of the old school tricks and it’s fun even now to keep trying to find new ones. That’s my main motivation.