If you’ve been to El Medano in recent years then you may well have seen this blonde haired German shredder sending it in the pumping Canarian winds. When the conditions are at their gnarliest, Marius heads out and pulls the trigger and he doesn’t think twice about firing into some of the meanest of kiteloops even as the winds push well past 35 knots!

CORE, Carved
Home spot:
Tenerife, El Medano
Years riding:
Years competing:
Best results:
2015 VKWC Big Air Tarifa - 3rd place, 2015 VKWC tour - 5th overall
Specialist discipline:
Big Air, old school
Favourite spot:
El Medano, Tarifa
Favourite trick:
Boogie loop, double late front roll, board-off kiteloop
Favourite thing about competing on tour?:
I saw how the GKA KSWT has grown so I’m fully behind this tour as I love to go big!
Favourite competitors to ride against and watch:
Aaron Hadlow and Kevin Langeree
2018 goals:
To get into the top five!
How do you train?:
My secret is that my home spot has 250 days of wind a year!