One of the most experienced Big Air riders in the sport, Lewis Crathern’s airtime abilities are unquestioned and he regularly competes in the most extreme Big Air events. He overcame a serious crash at the 2016 Red Bull KOTA that put him in a coma for a week and came back even harder, taking third at the 2018 King of the Air – his best finish to date.

He’s passionate about the sport, with a firm view about the direction in which it needs to go, and he’s stoked to be back on tour this year competing on the GKA KBWT!

Duotone Kiteboarding, BB Talkin, Windguru, WOO Sports, LiP Sunglasses
Home spot:
Worthing, UK
Years riding:
Years competing:
Best results:
4 x British Champion, 2012 Megaloop Challenge 1st, KOTA 3rd 2018
Specialist discipline:
Big Air
Favourite spot:
Worthing - I’ve never kited in a windier spot, it’s my home and the storms come frequently.
Favourite trick:
My favourite trick is the boogie loop. Simply put, I believe it to be the move that takes the most courage in stronger conditions. You have to do it perfectly or it’s a dangerous move.
Favourite thing about competing on tour?:
The new format inspired me to come back on tour. I love the way that Big Air has been included but also all the other aspects of what name an all-round twin tip rider.
Favourite competitors to ride against and watch:
I like riding with Mark Jacobs, he can do all the moves. Aaron and Ruben also. I’m looking forward to competing against Kevin as well.
2018 goals:
My goal for the 2018 tour is to finish 10th (only joking I want to win!)
How do you train?:
My secret is to play a lot of football! It seems to work for Carlos Mario and I like to keep the reactions up!