GKA Kite Freestyle World Tour

The GKA Kite Freestyle World Tour is the ultimate world tour for twin-tip freestyle riders. A unification has seen what was the World Kiteboarding Championship in 2018 merge with the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour in a six event series.

Male and female riders will compete at four pure wakestyle events and two events that have more of a high wind, big air focus. Riders will be allowed two event discards and the man and woman with the most points at the end of the season will be the World Champions.

Brazilians Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol won both the amalgamated world tours in 2018: the GKA Kiteboarding ‘Air Games’ World Tour and the World Kiteboarding Championships.

Examples of Big Air & Freestyle events:

GKA KITEBOARDING AIR GAMES: Fehmarn, Germany 2018 – Finals