GKA Kiteboarding World Tour ‘Air Games’ 2018
Final Round: Fehmarn, Germany 24 – 28th August

Monday 26th August
Report: Jim Gaunt

Photos: Ydwer van der Heide

After a 6am skipper’s meeting this morning, the remaining women’s single elimination semi-final between Mikaili Sol and Pauline Valesa got underway at 06.30.

Winning this heat would effectively give the 13 year-old Brazilian Mikaili the title. Find out why here. Conditions have really ramped up today, switching more onshore and with riders initially out on 7s.

Mika did win that heat and then went on to win a close and action packed final against her closest rival all season, Hannah Whiteley. Both riders shredded in tough 28 – 32 knot conditions, showing assured control, still managing to mix the required technical passes alongside kite loops and board-offs in challenging winds.

In the mini final Pippa van Iersal landed quality flat passes and a super style back roll kite loop to give her the edge over Pauline, to claim her consistent third position this season.


1: Mikaili Sol (BR) (World Champion)
2: Hannah Whiteley (UK)
3: Pippa Van Iersel (NL)
4: Pauline Valesa (FR)

The event crew are now straight into the men’s double elimination as conditions remain solid. It should continue to be an epic day!

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