The original home of the Tarifa Strapless Pro, now in its fifth year for 2018 this will be a huge combined event, with both the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle and GKA Kiteboarding World Tour competitions running at the same spot in Valdevaqueros! For the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour 2018 Tarifa is round four, whereas for the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour, it’s round two.

Formidably strong winds mix with a vibrant and energetic Andalucian crowd, all frothing at the next level tricks that are regularly stomped close in to shore. If it’s an electric ‘football stadium’ style atmosphere and huge levels of fun you’re after, come join us for this one!

Event Results - Men

Position Contestant Sponsors Points
1 Jesse Richman Naish Kiteboarding 2100
2 Maxime Chabloz F-One Kiteboarding 2067
3 Carlos Mario Slingshot Kiteboarding 2034
4 Posito Martinez CrazyFly Kiteboarding 2001
5 Nicolas Delmas F-One Kiteboarding 1968
5 Valentin Rodriguez RRD Kiteboarding 1968
5 Liam Whaley F-One Kiteboarding 1968
5 David Tonijuan F-One Kiteboarding 1968
6 Valentin Garat Core Kiteboarding 1836
6 Aaron Hadlow Duotone Kiteboarding 1836
6 Alex Pastor Airush Kiteboarding 1836
6 Reno Romeu Duotone Kiteboarding 1836
6 Paul Serin F-One Kiteboarding 1836
6 Set Teixeira F-One Kiteboarding 1836
6 Jerrie Van de Kop RRD Kiteboarding 1836
6 Joss de Pyffer Naish Kiteboarding 1836
7 Lorenzo Calcano Core Kiteboarding 1572
7 Jerome Cloetens Duotone Kiteboarding 1572
7 Lewis Crathern Duotone Kiteboarding 1572
7 Augustus Dudenas 1572
7 Raiarii Fadier 1572
7 Maxi Gomez 1572
7 Janek Grzegorzewski 1572
7 Tom Hebert Duotone Kiteboarding 1572
7 Marius Hoppe Core Kiteboarding 1572
7 Julien Krikken Core Kiteboarding 1572
7 Karim Mahmoud 1572
7 Elvis Nunes Peter Lynn 1572
7 Louka Pitot Core Kiteboarding 1572
7 Edgar Ulrich Duotone Kiteboarding 1572
7 Guillermo Alvarez Cabrinha 1572
7 Phil Larcher Liquid Force Kites 1572
8 Tamas Deak RRD Kiteboarding 1044
8 Domantas Jusionis 1044
8 Antonin Rangin Duotone Kiteboarding 1044
8 Lasse Walker Duotone Kiteboarding 1044
8 Carl Ferreira RRD Kiteboarding 1044
8 Fer Ivanz 1044

Event Results - Women

Position Contestant Sponsors Points
1 Mikaili Sol Duotone Kiteboarding 2100
2 Hannah Whiteley Duotone Kiteboarding 2067
3 Pippa Van Iersel Cabrinha 2034
4 Gina Bihn Duotone Kiteboarding 2001
5 Angely Bouillot Core Kiteboarding 1968
5 Maureen Castelle Takoon 1968
5 Osaïa Reding Commaille F-One Kiteboarding 1968
5 Pauline Valesa F-One Kiteboarding 1968
6 Isabeau Galiart Airush Kiteboarding 1836
6 Bibiana Magani Duotone Kiteboarding 1836
6 Vera Klabbers RRD Kiteboarding 1836
Valdevaqueros, Spain
Contest dates
27th June - 1st July
Prevailing winds
The kitesurfing capital of Europe has grown in immense popularity after it became a popular windsurfing hub in the 1980s. Having retained its old world charm, it's the infamous Levante and Poniente winds that really entertain all the wind seekers. The Levante blown from the land, cross offshore from the left and can be strong, up to 40 knots and often blows for five days straight. The Poniente is the more mellow wind, cross onshore from the right. It's cooler and more frequent in summer and can blow between 15 - 25 knots for a two or three days in a row. This event has often seen both winds create intense competition conditions!
Water conditions
Although Tarifa can get good wave conditions in the winter months, in the summer, expect wind chop that provides superb ramps to boost off. Landings can be tricky in the gustier, stronger Levante winds and choppy waters, but it's all part of the game in separating the best from the rest!
Competition history
This is the first time the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour 'Air Games' have landed in Tarifa. In the previous three years that the Tarifa Pro has staged the strapless event, Airton Cozzolino has won three from three!