Event Results - Men

Contestant Sponsors Points
Airton Cozzolino North Kiteboarding , Ion 2100
Keahi de Aboitiz Cabrinha 2067
Sebastian Ribeiro North Kiteboarding , Ion 2034
Pedro Matos North Kiteboarding 2001
Mitu Monteiro F-One Kiteboarding , Manera 1968
Ismail Adarzane F-One Kiteboarding 1968
Elvis Nunes Peter Lynn 1968
Jan Marcos Riveras North Kiteboarding , Ion 1968
Matchu Lopes North Kiteboarding , Ion 1836
Djo Silva F-One Kiteboarding , Manera 1836
James Carew North Kiteboarding 1836
Paulino Pereira Ozone Kites 1836
Camille Delannoy F-One Kiteboarding , Manera 1836
Gustavo Arrojo Naish Kiteboarding 1836
Ralph Boelen RRD Kiteboarding 1836
Bernardo Barros F-One Kiteboarding 1836
Riccardo Bettancourt Core Kiteboarding 1572
Luis Brito Advance Kites 1572
Willow-River Tonkin Core Kiteboarding , Mystic Boarding 1572
Sandro Pisu North Kiteboarding , Ion 1572
Titik Lopes 1572
Nicola Abadjiev RRD Kiteboarding 1572
Marco Forale 1572
Francesco Cappuzzo RRD Kiteboarding 1572
Arsenio Dias RRD Kiteboarding 1572
Hugo Marin F-One Kiteboarding 1572
Roderick Pijls Peter Lynn 1572
Pablo Amores Airush Kiteboarding 1572
Tony Cili RRD Kiteboarding 1572
Yaris Dell'Omo 1572
Jordy Sanca 1572
Pedro Afonso 1572
Gael Velasquez 1044
Paolo Morga 1044
Reece Myerscough Ocean Rodeo 1044
Joao Stopani 1044
Laurens Meyer Kittel 1044
Eloy Derze 1044

Event Results - Women

Contestant Sponsors Points
Moona Whyte Cabrinha 2100
Jalou Langeree Naish Kiteboarding 2067
Ines Correia North Kiteboarding 2034
Marie Gautron Zeeko 2001
Charlotte Carpentier 1968
Carla Herrera Oria North Kiteboarding 1968
Didi Lopes Liquid Force Kites 1968
Odile Cavin 1968
Lyde Heckroodt North Kiteboarding 1836
Justyna Sierpinska Nobile Kiteboarding
Sal Island, Cape Verde
Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde
Wind forecast
Contest dates
17 - 25th February
Prevailing winds
Ten islands makes up the Cape Verdes two hours south of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The main island of Sal is where this year’s competition will run and in general it offers kitesurfing conditions for all levels with average winds of force four to five every day.
Water conditions
Find side-onshore wind and small wind waves on the windward, east side of the island. At Santa Maria on the south coast you’ll find flatter water for freestyle. In the southwestern corner of the bay there is a wave spot for experienced riders with offshore wind. However, the real deal for experts is the pure world-class wave spot - Ponta Preta - which offers a very fast wave that can get huge with cross-offshore winds. It’s special!
Competition history
Competitive kitesurfing is making a long-awaited return to Cape Verde this year!
Previous winners

2018 will be the debut year for the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour in Cape Verde!