The fourth event on this new world tour will be in Fehmarn at the Mercedes-Benz Kitesurf World Cup, one of Europe’s biggest kiteboarding events.

Jesse Richman and Carlos Mario are locked in a tight battle at the top for the title, but several other riders are close behind and still in contention should one of these guys not make the finals!

In the women’s, Mikaili Sol has beaten Hannah Whiteley in two finals so leads the way, so her fate is in her own hands.

See the full Kiteboarding World Tour Air Games rankings here.

Current event update:

Friday 24th August was the first day of the event. Once registration was complete and with good conditions for the afternoon the full men’s single elimination ran to completion. Read the full report and see the video here.

Flick through a full action gallery with caption commentary here.


The riders who have registered to compete in Germany can be found in the gallery below. Click an image to enlarge the gallery.




Event Results - Men

Position Contestant Sponsors Points
1 Carlos Mario Slingshot Kiteboarding 2100
2 Jesse Richman Naish Kiteboarding 2067
3 Aaron Hadlow Duotone Kiteboarding 2034
4 Lewis Crathern Duotone Kiteboarding 2001
5 Maxime Chabloz F-One Kiteboarding 1968
6 Louka Pitot Core Kiteboarding 1935
7 Paul Serin F-One Kiteboarding 1902
7 Cohan Van Dijk Naish Kiteboarding 1902
9 Nicolas Delmas F-One Kiteboarding 1836
9 Valentin Rodriguez RRD Kiteboarding 1836
10 Valentin Garat Duotone Kiteboarding 1836
13 Set Teixeira F-One Kiteboarding 1704
16 Marius Hoppe Core Kiteboarding 1605
9 Luis Alberto Cruz 1836
13 Brayan Betance 1704
16 Joselito del Rosario 1605
16 Julien Krikken 1605
16 Domantas Jusionis 1605
13 Xaver Kiebler 1704
16 Jan Burgdörfer 1605
16 Clemens Rohling 1605
16 Max Petrat 1605

Event Results - Women

Position Contestant Sponsors Points
1 Mikaili Sol Duotone Kiteboarding 2100
2 Hannah Whiteley Duotone Kiteboarding 2067
3 Pippa Van Iersel Duotone Kiteboarding 2034
4 Pauline Valesa F-One Kiteboarding 2001
5 Vera Klabbers RRD Kiteboarding 1968
6 Gina Bihn Duotone Kiteboarding 1935
7 Osaïa Reding Commaille F-One Kiteboarding 1902
9 Maureen Castelle Takoon 1836
9 Modesta Morauskaite 1836
Fehmarn, Südstrand
Südstrandpromenade 1010, 23769 Fehmarn, Germany
Contest dates
24 - 28th August

Find details of the site and the huge World Cup village here.

Prevailing winds
Prevailing southwesterly winds blow in from the right and can get pretty strong as the summer turns to autumn at the end of August.
Water conditions
Flat water on the inside, short chop on the outside and prevailing cross-offshore wind make this an ideal location for spectators with riders coming close in to the beach!     Fehmarn - GKA KBWT  
Competition history
This is the first year of the GKA Kiteboarding World Tour and this will be the fourth event of the season.
Previous winners

This will be the first GKA KBWT event in Fehmarn, so let’s see who’ll become the first ever winner!