Event Results - Men

Contestant Sponsors Points
Airton Cozzolino North Kiteboarding , Ion 2100
Keahi de Aboitiz Cabrinha 2067
Mitu Monteiro F-One Kiteboarding , Manera 2034
Sebastian Ribeiro North Kiteboarding 2001
Matchu Lopes North Kiteboarding , Ion 1968
Jan Marcos Riveras North Kiteboarding 1935
Paulino Pereira Ozone Kites 1902
Pedro Matos North Kiteboarding 1902
Ismail Adarzane F-One Kiteboarding 1836
Camille Delannoy F-One Kiteboarding , Manera 1836
James Carew North Kiteboarding 1836
Ralph Boelen RRD Kiteboarding 1836
Tony Cili RRD Kiteboarding 1704
Nicola Abadjiev RRD Kiteboarding 1704
Francesco Cappuzzo 1704
Reece Myerscough 1704
El Mami Rayban 1572
Paulo Aurelio 1572
Elias Seadi 1572
Aminie Rousaffi 1572
Moumin Maji 1572
Hanza Finou 1572
Mohamed Mansour 1572
Achraf Bentajar 1572
Hugo Marin 1308
Yaris Dell'Omo 1308
Mansour Daouidi 1308
Hamid Bouceta 1308
Charlie Wise 1308
Glen Grixti 1308
Amine Aabid 1308
Douglas Juliana 1308
Karim Hamdi 1044
Mostapha Abbar 1044

Event Results - Women

Contestant Sponsors Points
Jalou Langeree Naish Kiteboarding , Mystic Boarding 2100
Moona Whyte Cabrinha 2067
Ines Correia North Kiteboarding 2034
Carla Herrera Oria Ocean Rodeo 2001
Olivia Jenkins North Kiteboarding 1968
Marie Gautron Zeeko 1935
Olga Agniezska 1902
Kirsty Jones North Kiteboarding 1902
Odile Cavin 1836
Justyna Sierpinska Nobile Kiteboarding 1836
Laila Puehringer Ozone Kites 1836
Johanna Catharina 1835
Charlotte Carpentier 1704
Maria Kinkina 1704
Dakhla Westpoint
Wind forecast
Contest dates
24 - 29th April 2018
Prevailing winds
A northeast wind averages 19 - 25 knots in winter, increasing to 30 knots in the summer months of July and August.
Water conditions
Famed as one of the world's latest hotspots for surfing, there are good ground swells that hit this coast and wrap around the points. Perfect for a combo wave and strapless freestyle event with cross-onshore winds. The water temp sits around 19 – 24°C / 66 - 75°F all year.
Competition history
Keahi de Aboitiz was undefeated at this spot for four years, between 2013 and 2016 in all competitions, before being unseated by the maestro, Mitu Monteiro in 2017, who re-enacted his victory here in 2007, when he became Wave World Champion.
Previous winners

Keahi de Aboitiz and Mitu Monteiro

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